Lama Tsundro

Lama Tsundro and Changling Rinpoche with sanghaMunsong Gompa was founded by Lama Karma Tsundro who came from Tibet. While in Tibet he stayed in retreat in a cave for six years practicing on Vajrasattva. His practice was continuous, and he did not give up his practice or come out of the cave, even when he ran out of food. And so his teacher said that by the power of his practice he would go to a place where they are speaking a different language than your language, and you’ll be able to benefit all those people.

He didn’t understand what his teacher was trying to say, but later he found himself in this place called Munsong, which was full of Nepalese. The people there were strongly practicing a shamanic tradition and were conducting animal sacrifices. Lama TsundroHowever, he ended up in that area and introduced the Buddhist path of nonviolence and the ten virtuous practices. By the strength of his own practice he stopped more than 1000 families from practicing sacrifices. These families also came to embrace the practices of non-violence and the ten virtuous actions.

An older woman offered land for the dharma and Lama Tsundro developed the temple where people can gather to practice and study. And also several boys became monks and two women became nuns. There are now lots of young people showing interest in practice.

Lama Tsundro passed into Pairanivana on the morning of February 1, 2012. For some time afterward he remained upright, his chest warm, joints supple, in meditation. His remains were cremated on February 6 amid many auspicious signs.