The Munsong Retreat Center in Kalimpong, India, overlooking Sikkim, is a small quaint temple that supports 6 monks and 2 nuns as well as a few hundred devout Sikkimese and Nepalese country folk.

Lama TsundroThe Centre was founded in the 1960s by Lama Karma Tsundro, a student of the previous Changling Rinpoche. Lama Tsundro passed into Pairanivana on the morning of February 1, 2012. He was in his eighties. You can read more about Lama Tsundro’s life here.

Under Lama Tsundro’s tutelage, community members have turned their minds towards the Buddhist path.  The centre is an important part of their daily lives, and even during school holidays most of the student body and their parents attend week-long retreats.

Changling Rinpoche
teaches and guides these monks and nuns, who up until the last few months have been living in substandard conditions. The temple roof is leaking and needs immediate attention. (Click here to read a transcript of a brief interview with Changling Rinpoche as he discusses the background and work of the Center.)

Rinpoche visited the Munsong Retreat Center last November to bestow long-life empowerments and the transmission of Vajrayogini coming from Rechungpa.  Well over 400 pilgrims made the trek to the center; many had journeyed by foot for three days or more.

Thanks to the generous support of Lotus Speech Canada and several sponsors, a modest new building has been under construction. This will include bedrooms, a kitchen with electricity, and a storage room. Your donation will help this work to continue.